Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Setenang Robe Offering Ceremony on 19-20 March 2016 at Setenang House

We at Setenang are doing our weekly prayers on every Mondays, esp.14 March 2016 onwards at Setenang House, 47 Jalan DU2/10, Taman Damai Utama, off Jalan Kinrara 6, 47180 Puchong at 8:30pm onwards & our prayers are with MAS MH 370 passengers missing fear crashed near Indian Ocean. Call Bro.Fenson Khor 0126736620 or Bro.Jerry Khoo 0126211098 or Bro.David Karuna Tan 0162231066 for directions to Setenang House. All are Welcome to join our open to all session. ❤ Dear ALL, THERE WILL BE A ROBE OFFERING CEREMONY IN MEMORIAL OF THE DEPARTED LOVES ONES AT SETENANG BUDDHIST SOCIETY SELANGOR & WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN KUALA LUMPUR ON 22ND MARCH AND 23RD MARCH 2014. EVERY YEAR DURING THE MIDDLE OF MARCH UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF APRIL, IT IS THE CHENG BENG CEREMONY OR REMEMBERING THE DEPARTED RELATIVES. AT SETENANG BUDDHIST SOCIETY, WE ENCOURAGE OUR DEVOTEES AND FRIENDS TO DO A FELLOWSHIP GATHERING, ROBE OFFERING CEREMONY AND OFFERING OF LUNCH DANA TO THE SANGHA COMMUNITIES IN HONOUR AND IN MEMORIAL OF THE DEPARTED RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. THIS IS CONSIDER ONE ACT OF PUNNA KAMMA OR MERITS MAKING. AFTER THE LUNCH DANA WE WILL TRANSFER THE MERITS THAT WE HAD ACQUIRE IN THE PAST AND PRESENT TO THE DEPARTED LOVES ONES IF THEY ARE IN THE POSITION OF RECEIVING THE MERITS FOR THEIR SPIRITUAL WELL BEING AND WISHES THAT ONE DAY, THEY WILL ATTAIN THE SALVATION OF NIBBANIC BLISS. FOR THOSE WHO COULD NOT MAKE IT FOR THE SUNDAY 20 MARCH 2016 EVENT, YOU CAN DO THEM ON THE SATURDAY 20 MARCH 2016. AS WE KNOWS THAT MANY HAD APPOINTMENT PRIOR AGREED, THUS, WE DON'T WANT THEM TO BREAK THEIR PROMISES, SO THESE TWO DATES IS OPTIONAL FOR ALL TO SELECT FOR THEIR CONVENIENCE. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY COULD ATTEND THE FUNCTION AND SUPPORT THE SETENANG BUDDHIST SOCIETY. INCLUDED HERE IS THE JPEG PHOTO OF THIS EVENT AND INFORMATION. VENUE: SETENANG HOUSE, 47, JALAN DU 2/10, TAMAN DAMAI UTAMA, 47180 PUCHONG, SELANGOR DARUL ESHAN. TEL: 0126211098 (JERRY KHOO) / 0123159527 (DAVID KARUNA TAN) 0162231066 DATE: 19 MARCH 2016 (SATURDAY): TIME: 8.30PM - ARRIVAL OF DEVOTEES. 9.00PM - BUDDHA PUJA FOLLOWED BY ROBE OFFERING. DATE: 20 MARCH 2016 (SUNDAY). TIME: 9.00 AM TO 2.00PM http://setenangbuddhistsociety.blogspot.com retreat stay here ! http://www.facebook.com/dktan57 ❤ Dhamma Sharing by Bro Jeff Oliver @ Setenang House, 47 Jalan DU 2/10, Taman Damai Utama, 47180 Puchong Date: Tuesday, 1st April 2016 Time: 8:00-9:30pm ❤ Famous Meditation teacher Bro.Jeff Oliver, an experienced ex-monk from Australia will conduct the Dhamma sharing. Biodata: Jeff Oliver is a dynamic and creative meditation teacher from Australia. He has been practicing Vipassana (Awareness & Wisdom) Meditation for 19 years, eight of which he was ordained as a Buddhist Monk in Burmese tradition. Jeff has shared practical life skills and mind management in many areas of the world including Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe including Turkey. Jeff's teachings are based on ancient and modern ways of the mind training especially, such as appreciation, forgiveness, "METTA" unconditional love, concentration, awareness and wisdom. Basically, Jeff is offering us a toolbox of techniques to be used both in formal, intensive meditation and in any situation during our busy and complicated daily life. His style is open, approachable, friendly and gentle yet very effective for modern seeker of truth. http://SetenangBuddhistSociety.blogspot.com ❤ Help us to Sponsor, Share and Spread the good Dhamma Duta news and be our Dhamma volunteer ! May you all be Well & Happy ! ❤ With Metta, DKTan http://dktan.blogspot.com ❤ Sαϑhυ... Sαϑhυ... Sαϑhυ...

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