Monday, October 15, 2012

Bro.Jeff Oliver Dhamma Sharing at SBS-SKL on Saturday, 17 Nov, 2012@8pm at Setenang House, 47 Jalan Du 2/10, Taman Damai Utama, 47180 Puchong, Selangor

Dear Friends of Setenang

Bro. Jeff Oliver of Australia will be with us again for a Dhamma sharing session at Setenang House on the

17th November , 2012, Saturday, 8:00pm

Topic: Forgiveness in Everyday Life

Programme :
6.30-7:00pm - Arrival of Guests & simple dinner will be served
7:30pm - Buddha Puja
8:00pm - Dhamma Talk
8:45pm - Questions & Answers
9:15pm - End of Dhamma Talk, Sharing of Merit

Looking forward to your presence and do share and e Forward to others.
Also do bring your family, neighbors and friends over !
Kindly RSVP your attendance with bro Jerry as we are preparing
the food for dinner.

" Setenang - Peace For All "
With Metta always,
Setenang Buddhist Society of
Selangor & Kuala Lumpur [SBS-SKL]
Setenang House, 47, Jalan DU 2/10, Taman Damai Utama,
[Off Jalan Kinara 6 – Kinara Golf Club Road]
47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Note : For additional information please contact:
Jerry Khoo: 012-6211098,
David Karuna Tan: 012-3159527,

FaceBook Group:
Kindly refer attach files for location map

Note, about the talk
Forgiveness in Everyday Life - Communicating with forgiveness
Forgiveness as the focus and motivation for one's speech. Listening with forgiveness, a soft and open heart that doesn't attach to words and allows others to act, say and be the way they see best. This is not only one's own liberation but releasing others from our judgments and criticisms. Freedom for one, freedom for all!

Jeff Oliver is a dynamic and creative meditation teacher from Australia. He has been practicing vipassana (Awareness and Wisdom) meditation for about 19 years, eight of which he was ordained as a Buddhist Monk in the Burmese tradition. Jeff has shared practical life skills and mind management™ in many areas of the world including Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe including Turkey.

Jeff's teachings are based on both ancient and modern ways of mind training especially, such as appreciation, forgiveness, "Metta" unconditional love, concentration, awareness and wisdom. Basically, Jeff is offering us a toolbox™ of techniques to be used both in formal, intensive meditation and in any situation during our busy and complicated daily life. His style is open, approachable, friendly and gentle yet very effective for the modern seeker of truth.

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