Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Friends of Setenang,
Just to remind that Venerable Rakkhita of UK will be with us for a
Dhamma sharing session at Setenang House on the
Date:Saturday, 13th October, 2012, 8:00pm
Topic : Empty Mirror..Filling the Void ..The Dharma Wheel's Honey Ball Mystery
Program :
6.30-7:00pm - Arrival of Guests & simple dinner will be served
7:30pm - Buddha Puja
8:00pm - Dhamma Talk
8:45pm - Questions & Answers
9:15pm - End of Dhamma Talk, Sharing of Merit

Looking forward to your presence and do share and e Forward to others.
Also do bring your family, neighbors and friends over !
Kindly RSVP your attendance with bro Jerry as we are preparing
the food for dinner.

Setenang Peace For All
with metta always,
Setenang Buddhist Society of
Selangor & Kuala Lumpur [SBS-SKL]
Setenang House, 47, Jalan DU 2/10, Taman Damai Utama,
[Off Jalan Kinara 6 – Kinara Golf Club Road]
47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Note : For additional information please contact:
Jerry Khoo: 012-6211098,
David Karuna Tan: 012-3159527,

FB Group:
Kindly refer attach files for location map

Biodata of ; Venerable Rakkhita (Rob Norris)
Ven Rakkhita was born in UK 1964 and trained in Arts and Graphic design, Liverpool Polytech.

Venerable Rakkhita is an enterprising, magnetic and creative meditation teacher from UK. He has practiced and studied meditation for most of his life. He has been practicing vipassana (Awareness and Wisdom) meditation for about 28 years, three of which he was ordained as a Buddhist Monk in the Thai Vipassana tradition with Ven Ajahn Tong and two years as a Samanera. Teachers have included Luang Poh Banyat, Ven Ajahn Tong, Sayadaw U Pandita, , Ven Sujiva, Bhante Punnaji, Ven Dr Sunanda.

Ven Rakkhita has shared creative life skills in many areas of the work field world including arts, music, theatre in education, therapies and performance mainly in UK. His teachings invite exploration of the convergence of love and wisdom. His teaching style emphasizes a relaxed, caring and attentive attitude combined with joyful interest and Zen humour.

Ven Rakkhita shares the Buddha's teachings on human development and liberation of mind which emphasizes that each moment of your life is a practice opportunity.
He enjoys sharing the Buddha's teachings with all people.
Ven Rakkhita's meditation teaching aims to inspire the faith, determination and skill necessary to realize the deepest human freedom.

' I have struggled myself with confusion over where life is going, whether I will ever meet the ‘right’ person, would I ever do what I was ‘destined’ to do – and what was that anyway? Was I doing enough? Too much? '
In 1983 he encountered the art of happiness, awareness and letting go.
Art and happiness: it is about re-learning to take pleasure in the small things.
When one is attuned to beautiful qualities of heart, and isn’t driven by the need to control, judge or manipulate others.
' I came to meditation as a result of the stress and suffering I was experiencing in my life. It was a time when I was becoming curious about two questions: ‘Why am I so miserable?’ and ‘What is freedom?’
' It has transformed my whole sense of what it means to be alive, and what it feels like to be in relationship with others. There is less fear and confusion, and more space for love and openness. This is a cause for much gratitude.'
He teaches to help individuals realize their full potential for clarity, balance, kindness and wisdom.

Ven Rakkhita's teachings are based on both ancient and modern ways of mind training especially, such as daily life practice, "metta" unconditional love, concentration, awareness and wisdom.
He has explored developing and producing a Meditation Map to help tracking attention during Insight Meditation. 'I feel the Map work compliments traditional Vipassana teaching and aids gaining a sense of useful theory in practice'. His teaching style aims to reveal how all aspects of our lives can help us come to a clear and direct understanding of the Truth.
Ven Rakkhita offers us a collection of techniques to be used both in formal, intensive meditation and in any situation during our busy and complicated daily lives. Rakkhita's manner is friendly, open,and kind, suitable for the modern seeker of truth.

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